Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday July 16, 2008

Oh my friends have you all gone to the dark side. Here I am all alone on foreign soil looking to my friends for strength and encouragement but what do I get. Grief!
Monday night not such a restful night.
Well after I tell you about this day I know more grief will be headed my way. I did a 5 mile run on the treadmill, because of the sand storm I was unable to run outside. After breakfast I hadn't heard from Randy so I called to see if I needed to pick up Jonathan. Jonathan answered and asked if I came and picked him up could I take him to the City Center at 3pm. I said sure. I brought him home and we had lunch. We left at 2:30pm for the City Center and arrived at 3pm even though I made a wrong turn and ended up in a Ministry Parking lot with no way out. Everything was one way and we kept going around in circles. Finally I spotted a local driving and told Jonathan we will follow him to find our way out. And true to the Kuwaiti way he went the wrong way on a one way and we followed suit. We were soon back on the correct road and at the City Center. We were getting supplies for the Filipino maids. We also met with a rep. of City Center, Gem. We were to discuss ordering new sleeping mats for the maids to sleep on, the ones from last year are worn out. Have I ever mentioned that time is not important here. We sat there for over an hour just talking about her family, our families, the weather, you name it we talked about it. (I guess that's way they do business and I don't think it is bad) We finally got to the mats and she is going to look into ordering us some. We went down stairs and loaded up a few more items for the maids and checked out.
With only one Kuwaiti experience on the way home we met Randy back at the apartment so we could ride together to go to a store that Talah told about where the locals shop. I was able to get the things I had been looking for; I may go back to that store today and get some more things. We then went and ate at Johnny Carino's. Jonathan wanted to eat here since the one in Brandon has closed down.
Home again for the last night’s sleep in Kuwait. I couldn't go to sleep right away so I watch the Billy Graham film "The Climb." It was really good to I think it would be a great movie for movie night at the church sometime.
I will try and post again before we leave for the airport.
Thanks for all your comments and I do mean all. It has been fun reading them. Ron you just make me laugh.
One day left.

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