Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday July 11

I need to make this brief today.
I'm up at 5am and need to be at the Filipino Embassy at 7:15am then to the American Embassy at 10:30am then a quick bite to eat and to the Chinese Church at 2pm. That's not to bad except there's 30 to 45 minute drive between each place.
Yesterday was pretty much bland until we went to Mohan and Liang's for dinner and worship planning. Liang served a nice spicy veggetable dish of several kinds of squash and peppers, a lamb and potato noodles dish, a very spicy ostridge and pepper dish, with some steamed peanut butter rolls and of course steamed riced. As we sat down to eat, we had all fixed our plate and Liang remembered she forgot a dish, kimchi (sp), thats the cabbage dish they usually ferment in the ground. As she was getting it Mohan asked me if I had ever had kimchi before, I said once and wasn't to crazy about it. He said I maust of had the fermented kind. He said Liang's was not like that nasty stuff. Okay I'll give it a shot.
Liang came back and because I was next to her she pur some on my plate so I couldn't portion control. Let me just say if you like anchovies with salt and spicy poured on top you would love kimchi. I did my best to smile and finish every bit that was on my plate. (Now you are feeling sorry for me aren't you)
My favorite dish was the ostridge. it tasted alot like beef. Not sure what kind of beef just beef.
Randy stopped off and picked up dessert on the way, I didn't know what it was until Liang brought it out with some tea. Sorry dear but you're not going to like it when I tell you what it was. It was a huge plate of all different kinds of baklava, some with nuts, some with chocolate. Wow where they ever good.
Well, we sang the songs for worship and got a plan. We left and came home. I looked over my sermon then made a few changes then off to bed.
I got to go.
As for the Rays sorry Ron they won't let me out the country yet. They need to just hold on till the Allstar break then I'll be back home. I trust my wife is watching them for me.


Reading Coach Gayle Weaver said...

I don't think I would like Kimchi or ostrich, but oh for some delicious baklava!!! Yummy.
We continue to pray, sounds like a busy couple of days.

unrunkathy said...

If your absence is what is causing the Rays to lose, it will be a sad upcoming week...I'm not watching them for you. Just think what fun you can have playing the 3 lies/1 truth game! Praying for you!

Ron said...

Viewing games by proxy of your wife is not thick enough.

I can't believe you put a little spiritual enlightenment over the Rays.

While you frolic about in the sand and sun, the pennant hangs in the balance.

Where have you gone runrandall our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

When you left, the lead was 4 1/2 games. Since you turned your back and left this country, the lead is a pathetic game and a half.

They lost to Cleavland for goodness sakes.

Yeah sure, you're winning a few souls over there, but how about winning some ball games.

I'll leave the flowery comments to others, (Oh Randall, we love you. Be careful Mr. Randall, we miss you.) Please, I bet your trip was financed by none other than one George Steinbrenner. The Ray killer.

This whole things been a ruse from the get go, and I'm on to you.