Sunday, July 6, 2008

Monday July 7 5am, The Game Is On

We all arrived in Kuwait safe and sound but a little tired at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. Everything went smooth. But that's too boring to talk about so let me refresh your memory about the game I played last year here in Kuwait. It's call hit the crazy American. Last year when I would go jogging it was as if I was in a game with the Kuwaitis where as long as I stayed on the red part of the road I was safe but if I went on the black part I was free game. My wife asked me not to jog outside because she didn't like me playing this game.
Well last night after we unpacked and made a shopping list we headed out to Johnny Rocket's for a bite to eat and to the Sultan Center for some groceries. Randy said we would park at Johnny Rocket's, eat then walk to the Sutan center. (You know where this is headed don't you) I said to Randy "We are going to walk to the store, Hey Randy we are GOING to walk to the store, are you sure we are going to WALK to the store" I wasn't sure that Randy was aware of the game. After we ate and head down on the Red (safe) I shared with Randy and Jonathan about the game even though Randy has lived here for some time he soon discovered very quickly the reality of the game as we had several roads to cross to get to the Sutan Center. Nights at 7pm are crazy because it is when the temperature drops to a cool 92 degrees and people start coming out. (Randy said he didn't usually come out after dark)
As we made our way to the store Randy tells us to cross as soon as we can. I see an opening and take off not realizing Randy and Jonathan did not follow. As I quickly made it to the red I looked back and saw that they were still on the other side. I thought "What are they waiting for, the cars to stop, a bigger opening or what?" Neither of which never came. They finally made it across and I told the game is on. When I say we made it across we were only half way. You see in the middle of the road is red (safe) and that is where we were. Randy took the lead this time and saw an opening and we all took off making it to the red just before a BMW comes racing by just missing our heels. We are now on the correct side of the street but had several more side streets to cross before we were at the Sultan Center. We were getting ready to cross the last street when what appeared to look like an easy crossing no traffic coming our direction. We stepped on to the black (unsafe) and here comes a car making a turn right for us. Then something unusal happens the driver must have been unaware of how the game is played because he stops and motions for us to continue to cross. My thoughts were he probably knows the game and wants us out in the middle for a better shot at us. But no he waits and then goes about his merry way. Now I'm thinking are the drivers in this together and are trying to get us to let down our guard so they can get us when we least expect it.
We got our stuff and headed back to car with no more last calls until (you knew there was an until coming didn't you) we were crossing the last road. There we were on red and getting ready to step on to the black were several cars were stopped and beeping their horns trying to get through as fast as they could. As we quickly weaved our way through I looked down and to my suprise the road was RED. How can this be, this totally changes the rules of the game. What will happen now if red is no longer safe. Well we made it to the car and back home.
Now I had to try and adjust to the new time my body said it was only 2pm but it was really 9pm and I needed to sleep. I need to be fresh and clear headed to preach at the Chinese Church on Monday afternoon.
I could talk a lot more but I need to get my day started.
I want to thank Mike and Krystal for the card, it made me cry.
I also want to thank the Littles for the note on the convertor they let me borrow.
And thank all of you for your prayers
But mostly I thank my wife, Kathy for the sacrifice she has made to allow me to come over here to minister.
I ask you to pray that God will once again open doors for His Word to be spread.

Stay on the RED (I think that's the safest)


unrunkathy said...

You goofy guy!!Stay on red..PLEASE!

Reading Coach Gayle Weaver said...

I'm envisioning the Seinfeld episode with George and the Pacman machine. I just don't want you to get gobbled up!!!!
Praying for ya!!

Ron said...

Thanks for the email letting me know you made it to Kuwait, oh wait a minute you didn't send me an email.

Kasmir and Navarro picked for All-Stars. Longoria still has a chance to make team, final votes due in Thurs. Rays lose 7-4. Still up by 4 and 1/2 games.

Always bet on black.

Runrandall said...

I sent you an e-mail did you not get it? I also sent another one today. Did you get that one? If not send me another comment or e-mail me at
Sorry bro.