Sunday, July 13, 2008

Monday, July 14

Another day done and another couple of near misses. I always crack me up at way they drive over here. They never consider the other driver. I found out that the game I speak of often is real. There is usually at least one person a day hit by a car. Apparently some people are not staying on red.

I took the day off from running outside after that 9.25 miler the day before. I ran a 5K on the treadmill upstairs. Patricia came in to clean house and fix supper. We won't be eating what see fixed because we will eat at the Kuwaiti's house at 7pm. It was good to be able to catch my wife, Kathy at home and send e-mails back and forth for about an hour. She-shea' dear.

I left to go to VBS at the TLC and train them how to use the evangelcards. I got there at 3:45. (Have I mention the time thing yet) Anyway Sister Bobby introduced me and I was going to start the training but she said we didn't have time today, tomorrow would be better. She told everyone to be sure and be on time tomorrow for the training.I spent some time in the music room helping the children learn the moves to the songs. I kept hearing people behind me saying that's the pastor dancing. (Kathy I didn't do the Randall not once that will come later) At 6pm I went to the English speaking worship service to see Pastor Keith in action. I got some great video for you Pastor Mel. Although I'm not sure Pastor Mel would enjoy someone blowing the shofar at different times during the praise.

I needed to meet Randy at 6:50 so I left about 6:40 and told Sister Bobby I needed to meet Randy. We got to the Talah and Catherine’s at 6:55. Talah was not home yet but was on his way. There was a bad wreck backing up traffic. (Imagine that) When I last saw Talah he was in shorts and a t-shirt not your typical attire for a Kuwaiti. When he walked in the door he looked quite different. He was dressed in full Kuwaiti attire. I kind of took me off guard. I see the men walking around everywhere and they won't give you the time of day, but here I am eating and caring on a conversation with one of them. Catherine is a very artsy person and her house reflects that. Wall to wall and ceiling to floor art work everywhere. Not a blank spot on the walls anywhere. Talah showed me an antique chest with a drawer missing. He told me when Iraq invaded they came into his home and grabbed the drawer to carry out the things they were taking. He said it's a good thing they didn't know about antiques. Because he had a lot of them. After we eat the pork chop fried lamb chops, ground lamb, and chicken all Kuwaiti style, with some salad, chopped parsley salad, flat bread with humus (oh it was so good dear) and puréed eggplant, (sort of like humus and even better, sorry dear) We went into the living room to have our picture taken in front of super chicken. (That is a piece of art work that I can't explain to you in writing you'll have to wait for the pictures). We said our good night and made the uneventful trip home for the night.

We shall see what tomorrow holds



Ron said...

Just wanted to let you know, there's a wonderful invention that's been out for, I don't know, maybe 15 years.

It's called a digital camera. You can actually take a picture, of said chicken, then upload it to something called a computer. (it's the thing in front of your eyes right now) This computer has keys (look down)

Ok, so now after uploading the photo of said chicken, type the text you'd like to go along with said chicken.

Hit publish on your blog page... And boom, we all get to see photo of said chicken. No waiting, it's right here, right now.

Go down to the nearest all-in-one market, and trade some beads for a a digital camera.(Never pay retail)

Reading Coach Gayle Weaver said...

I'm with mentioned a video in one of your very first posts...what gives????

I thought Florida Baptists were an eating and meeting group, sounds like Kuwait has us beat, I guess there's no time to download :)