Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday July 12, 2008

I got up at 5am this morning after not getting to sleep until about 11:30pm last night. I tried to do a 10 mile run this morning but when I reach the turn around point I went a different route back and it must have been shorter because when I got back to the apartment I had only gone 9.25 miles and I just didn't want to do another lap around the block so 9.25 will have to be close enough.
What a great day we had yesterday.
We started at the Fillipino Embassy at 7:15, lots of singing and dancing that's right dancing. Sorry Kathy, but they actually loved the Randall move. Every time we started a fast song they would all look to me for the move and I was glad to oblige. Jonathan sang and played "My Savior Lives" and did a great job. The ladies even joined him which was cool. After the singing we handed out some refreshments and some toiletries. What a humbling experience to hand one of these ladies a package of feminine hygiene products to see her bow her head and take it. It was something that they need yet to have a strange man who they have never met hand it to them was a little embrassing for them and very humbling for both of us. The good news is there are only about 90 ladies at the Embassy now with about 60 in attendance. Pastor Martin told me the number of women coming in is getting smaller each month. Praise the Lord. After the snack time Pastor Martin had Randy introduce me. Then I preached from Luke 17:3-6. I talked a lot about forgivness and building a bridge. When I was through Pastor Martin had a question and answer time. He would ask the ladies questions about the sermon and see if the remember it. His does this because of the language barrier. (I think maybe we should try this in Riverview) I was quite surprising to see the ladies answer all his questions. We then went into a annointing with oil time something Pastor Martin does once a month. The ladies made 6 lines and Randy, Jonathan, Pastor Martin, a lady from the TLC, another man and his wife, and myself got at the front of lines and started praying for and annointing all of the ladies. It was quite awesome to hear how they wanted to be prayed for. Most wanted to be back home quickly but, many ask that I pray for their employer, that they could forgive them and that the employer would come to know Jesus. It was a sweet time. We finished at 10:15 Then headed to the American Embassy.
We arrived at 10:40 and started worship at 11:00. We mostly sang older praise songs and hymns. (Nothing I could dance to) Jonathan played and sang "My Chains Are Gone" He did a most excellent job. I preach from Luke 17: 1-10. I gave them the whole message. I ended with the last verse telling them that we should not expect graditude for just doing what the Lord commands. I was able to use Boot Camp as an example. I said your drill sargent isn't going to thank you evertime you do what he asks. They all could relate to that. I met a young Kuwaiti man who became a Christian about 6 months ago. He had his fiance with him for the first time. He has to keep his conversion from his step-dad and his fiance's dad. I found out some good news. As long as a Kuwaiti approaches you about your God then you can share the gospel. However a Kuwaiti will be in some kind of trouble if the family finds out. Randy had some things to take care of so it was about 1:15 when we left.
We came back to the apartment to change and freshen up a bit then off to the Chinese Church. We made it by 2:20 and they had already started. Liang was leading them in their Bible memory verses and helping them understand what it means at least that's what I was told she was doing.
Jonathan play all the songs for worship. I would sing them first in English then they would sing them in Chinese. Liang is also helping them learn English this way. Then I would sing the song again then they would sing the song again. Sometimes Liang would ask me to do it again. The last song we did the same way except at the end we sang in English and Chinese at the same time. Talk about your speaking in tongues. Jonathan didn't know he could play in Chinese.
I preach from the same passage as I did at the American Embassy but had to change the illustrations to fit their culture. Some of the scripture references were even different. It was quite challenging. Some words we use they don't have words for. Like stumble, stack or fleas just to name a few. I told them the story of Besty and Corrie Tin Boon when they were infested with fleas in the concentration camp and how Besty thank God for the fleas. I had to use the word bedbugs for them to understand. After the service we meet a women who is a doctor and she invited us to lunch tomorrow at her house. That should be make for an interesting blog. After a sweet time with them we left at 4:30pm exhausted. We went back to the apartment to crash for a few minutes before we meet up with some friends of Randy's for dinner.
We rested for about an hour then went to meet this Kuwaiti man and his American wife. He is the Under Secretary of the Public Works Ministry and his wife is a director of some kind for the Kuwaiti's Artifacts Department. They took us to an Italian Restaurant. I had a Rocket salad with chicken livers and a mushroom, onion, eggplant pizza. (How does that sound Kathy) They have invited us to their house for supper on Sunday. Well we got home about 10pm completely worn out. I laid down at 10:30 but my mind would not shut off. I think I finally dosed off at 11:30.
And my day is finally done tomorrow we have a lunch at 2pm then I go to VBS at the TLC. It's going to be fun.
Until tomorrow then


Ron said...

None of that changes the fact, that the Rays lost again, (5-zip.) Their offense seems lethargic, almost like the whole team has jet lag.

Coincidence? I think not.

You do the math and you'll find it all adds up. And in your heart, you know I'm right.

Just keep ignoring the obvious, catch some cool waves, and enjoy your vacation. Life is a breeze...and so is a hurricane.

Reading Coach Gayle Weaver said...

Is it just me or does your schedule seem busier this time???? I guess that keeps that "Rays" pressure off!!! HAHAHA

Ron said...

Guess what, the Rays lose again.

The outlook was brilliant for the Tampa Bay Nine this season, how could they lose, there would be no reason.

With only a few games to play before the All-Star break, the Rays had the best record in baseball for goodness sake.

Sweeping the Red Socks and the Royals too, the year was all but set until somebody flew.

Randall left the country for sun and fun, he put the jinx on the Rays and now they’re done.

Their bats are dead with arms like rubber, and it all started because of my brother.

His trip seemed innocent since the Rays were stable, after all Randall doesn’t watch all the games, he has no cable.

You say superstitions can’t be true, but trace the losses to find a clue.

Randall left this country last Saturday night, and since then the Rays have done nothing right.

Some might say it’s just a blip or a bump and Randall had nothing to do with this slump.

Look at the facts anyway you can, you’ll see he traded victories for a Kuwait tan.

If preaching is all he wanted to do, I wished he stayed home and preach into a shoe.

So the season of promise and a season of hope, suddenly has me looking for a hangman’s rope.

So go ahead and enjoy your
retreat, the year is gone, and we’ve been beat.

When historians revisit this time and place, they’ll notice what turned this pennant race.

The Rays had the best record and all was well, until a trip by Randall… they fell.

There’s only one thing that can make this thing level, revise their name back to Devil.

Anonymous said...

That was quite the "Ode of the Fallen Rays" penned by Ron! Maybe if he penned a catchy cheer to spur on our beleagured Rays they might turn around.