Sunday, July 13, 2008

Smack to Ron

I know many of you read my blog and never post a comment and that is fine. But you have got to help with this Ron guy. He taking aim at me for the Rays losing. So don't be shy give him some smack. Here's the best I can do to try and hit back.

The outlook was brilliant for the TampaBay nine this season;
Four and half game lead with two weeks til the break no teasin'.
When the #1 fan few the coop for the reason Ron said was lame.
A pall-like silence fell upon the patrons of the game.
A straggling few said its okay no need for deep despair.
They thought, "It's only Randall gone could it be as bad as that",
As each game came and went with hits only a few.
And losing to the Yankees, then the Indians just ain't good news
But I have another thought
The losing I have not brought
What happens went you get a big head and lose focus of your game.
You look around for superstitions and someone else to take the blame
Bible teaches us clearly with no ifs, ands, or buts at all
That indeed pride doth come before the fall.
So to the TampaBay nine
Don't lose hope you still have time.
Take the humble pie you have eaten
And learn your lesson lest you get beaten
You're only half way through the season
There's still time for Ron you to be pleasin'
To you runron superstitions are a crock
I tell you the Rays yet will still rock.
So don't you worry there will still be joy in Tampa Bay for the playoffs they have a lock.


unrunkathy said...

Here! Here!Well rhymed! This poetry thing must be some sort of Hosea family DNA thing!

Ron said...

The poem by Randall wasn't half bad, but he's the one that made the Baseball Gods mad.

Blame it on talent; it's only a game. But follow the downfall to just one name.

Your cry for readers to give me a shout, “Kill the messenger,” is not what this is about.

This comment page is meant for love and praise, but you’re the one who messed with my Rays.

All I did was supply the information; it’s you my friend, who killed Ray nation.

Perhaps you still don’t believe it’s true.

They lost again today, it was 5 to 2.

The denial stage is the first sign of grief. A feeling that should be somewhat brief.

Then come anger, bargaining and depression, when you realize the Rays can't start a new session.

The acceptance stage is where I'm at.

I refuse to watch the home team bat.

I know you don’t accept things called fate, but this all happened because of Kuwait.

Nothing is coincidence, there’s always a reason, just admit you ruined this season.

Life will go on and I’m about through, I’ve had enough of this rhyming flu.

So call me an idiot, say I’m wrong. There’s only one way to end this song.

I have one wish for my brother, Randall.

Pick another team to root for, perhaps Seattle

kweave said...

To blow a big lead and lose is a shame

so like a fairweather fan, Ron transfers the blame.

But what I ponder is when the team again proves victorious and able,

will he choose to credit the return of his brother Runrandall.

Runrandall said...

I will drop my poet pen
And bow to Ron and Ken
Great job to the two you
To my brother, touché' I'm through

You guys make me laugh thank you for your witty poems.