Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

After only about 4 hours sleep Sunday night I got up at 5am wrote my blog and then went for a 5 mile run. Nothing much exciting happened just a typical 5 mile run in the early morning temperature of 105, I'm glad I went early. They say it is hotter this year than last because of the lack of rain. It is suppose to get up to near 130 degrees, unless the wind is blowing then the wind chill makes it feel like 140 degrees. That's right the wind increases the feel like temperature. But hey no problem because of the lack of rain no humidity.
Well I get back and to help recover I go for a swim. There were two ladies by the pool sun bathing. They however, did not get the memo about the sun and cancer. They looked like turkeys lathered in butter waiting to be put in the oven. I wanted to tell them what they looked like but I was afraid it might get lost in the translation. So I just did a quick dip and headed downs stairs.
I wanted to go to the TLC (The Lighthouse Church) and see when VBS was starting and offer my assistance. I asked Jonathan if he would like to go so off we went.
I met with Pastor Keith, the Worship Pastor. Much to my surprise he remembered me. Pastor Keith told me the Pastor Dave told him that I would be preaching at the American Embassy. That was news to me, he said with so many pastors away on vacation the schedule was really messed up. I told him whatever he needed from me just let me know. I then talked with Sister Bobby who is the Children's Minister. She is going to let me know if I can help in VBS. I asked her if I can hand out tracks to the children she said yes but needed to approve them first. I'm taking them to her today.
I was so proud of myself for making it to the TCL and back with out getting lost. You know what's coming next don't you. Pride goeth before the fall.
Jonathan and I were suppose to meet Randy at a McDonalds on 60 at 4pm so he could take us to Mohan's for a Bible Study with the Chinese Church. We left the house at 3:30 to give us plenty of time. All we had to do was go down 30 made a u-turn at the Third Ring, take 30 to the Fourth Ring then to 60 and McDonald's. Sounds simple? Not. We turned on what we thought was the Fourth Ring because we saw the number 4. Unlike the Third Ring which plainly said "Third Ring" this had some word in Arabic and the number 4. As we travel I realized I had left the cell phone at the house, not good. But hey no need we will be late if we turn around. I soon got the feeling that we weren't going on the right road. We got down to 50 and I told Jonathan we had better tun around go back to the house and get the cell phone. Did I mention that Randy had a meeting at 4:30 at the Embassy? At this point all I wanted to do was called Randy and tell him to call Mohan and make it next Monday. One problem what's the name of the road we need to take. "Oh Jonathan look the road we just passed is 30 the road we need to take." We had to go all the way to the end before we could turn around. As we make the u-turn Jonathan says "Oh look the sign says 'Fourth Ring' we are on the right road the whole time." We may have time to make it if we don't get the cell phone. (Bad idea) Off we go back down the 4th Ring. We make it to 60 at about 4:10 we are probably to late but let's continue. Now which way on 60 right yeah that's it right. Wrong! "Jonathan do you see a McDonalds" "There's one over there but it's not on 60" Well that can't be the right one, let's turn around and go back the other direction" "Hey Jonathan do you see a McDonalds" "Just that one we can't get to on some other road." Well after going down 60 a little ways and still no McDonalds we decide to get back on the 4th Ring and try and find the McDonald's we keep seeing. Oh look right past 60 on the right is the right McDonalds we have been looking for. (This is going to be something to write about) It is now 4:37 and no Randy. Only one thing to do go back to the apartment and call Randy to let him know we are safe.
We make it back no other problems. I check the phone and there were 4 missed calls. I call Randy back and no answer. (His phone is off because he's in a meeting, duh!) I noticed a missed call from Mohan. I call him back and he said he would come pick us up no problem. He said he would be here at 5:30pm. Let me remind you of something I had forgotten. They don't think of time as we do, 5:30 is merely a suggestion. Jonathan and I head down stairs at 5:15 to be ready when he arrives. We decide to wait outside to not delay Mohan any more than we already had. I thought the Bible Study started at 6, but I found out later it starts when Lee Lang (Mohan's wife) calls the men and tells them what time to meet us at the park. Anyway we are waiting outside and trying to stay behind the columns to keeps the wind off of us and making us hotter. Mohan arrives at 5:58 not too much later than he said he would be here. I asked Mohan if he wanted me to follow him (Randy suggested we do that so we can excuse ourselves if things run late) Mohan said, "No, you ride with me!"I said "Yes sir." and off we went back to pick up his wife and children. We head out to the Bible Study with everyone on board. Mohan needs to stop at Ace Hardware and pick up some bed bug spray for the Chinese men because their apartment is invested with the little creatures also a Florida problem roaches. (I learned how to say roaches in Chinese "roaches") Well the road was closed to take us to Ace so Mohan said they would have to suffer a few more days. Lee Lang got a call from one of the men and she told him we would be there at 7:00.
On the way Mohan decide a few more days of suffering would not be good so he said he would drop us off at the park and let us start the study and he would go by the spray. We arrived at the park at 7:03 and no men. We find at spot to sit down and spread out our mats. The men start arriving a few minutes later. Lee Lang found out that Jonathan and I knew music and asked us to lead in some songs she had written the words to in Chinese and a couple in English. (The men want to learn English so she is trying to help through songs) We sing; "This Is the Day," "Give Thanks," "I Worship You," and "Because He Lives." They try a sing in English then decide to sing in Chinese while Jonathan and I sing in English. It was great sitting their in the park singing with these men who could be anywhere else but chose to be here to worship God. Wow, how awesome is that.
Lee Lang told me to do my Bible study now. I did it on the parable of the "Unforgiving Servant". I never know how much to say before I stop and let Lee Lang translate. The men were so focused on what was being said and that always amazes me. After the study I asked for question. They wanted to know the difference between forgetting and forgiving. I shared my thoughts and then one man asked why some believers are blessed and some suffer. Whoa I wanted to say we are talking about forgiveness, where did this question come from. Anyway I shared that God never promised us a life of no suffering just that He would never give us any more than me can handle. I then refered to the life of Job. There were about half of the men that were new Christians so they didn't know anything about Job. So Lee Lang shared with them who Job was and all that had happened to him in the Bible. Then one man asked me to explain the Trinty. Man this is a tough crowd. Well I did my best to explain in a way they could understand. It is now 8:15 and the last man arrives to the study. They all started talking to him and laughing. I told Lee Lang that he must have needed the study the most. She said you must understand Chinese because that was what they were all talking about. I asked the men how could I pray for them and they told me some problems they were having but mostly wanted me to pray that they could learn how to forgive. (Their story is a long one for another time) We had a time of prayer. when we were finished Mohan gets back and tells them how to use the bed bug killer. They leave then Mohan takes his family, Jonathan and me to an Indian restaurant for some really great eating. Mohan did all the ordering, it was spicy and great.
We arrived back home by 10:30 and were completed wiped out and boy did I sleep good.
Until tomorrow.


Runrandall said...

Are these blogs to long?

unrunkathy said...

Not to me, but I get up at 5am to read them and I read fast. Sounds like your first day was great. Stay safe!

Ron said...

I thought I was the only one to ramble.. Now I know where it comes from.

Here's a hint, if the writer asked the question, then the answer is yes. Of course what do I know, I've been labeled the the dumbest person on the planet.

It's hotter this year because of global warming. Didn't you get your Al Gore decoder ring?

kweave said...

Hey Randall,

Sounds as if you haven't missed a beat, and sounds like the Kuwaiti (sp?) people have missed having you to practice running people over. I'll bet they really enjoy seeing you run around the city. As I recall from some of our car rides together, you drive there like you drive here - just be careful so you make it back in one piece.

Praying for you daily.