Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday July 15 2008

Sunday night I didn't sleep well only about three hours. I got up at 6:30 eat breakfast and was so tired and when I looked outside and saw a sand storm blowing in so I went back to bed. I woke up when Randy called at 10:30. Took a shower and went to pick up Jonathan. Jonathan wanted to go see Grace, the maid they used to have when they lived here about five years ago. So with directions in hand off we went. We were told to go to the City Center (It's like a Sam’s Club) turn right at the road across the street. Well we found the City Center no problem; however have you ever gotten direction from an Indian that has never driven once in her life. I didn’t think so. Anyway we turn on the road across from the City Center and it was a parking lot. Not sure if this was the correct road Jonathan calls Grace to get clarification. After talking with Grace, Jonathan was sure we were where we were suppose to be. After circling the block a few times he call Grace again this time we think maybe we should go down another street on the other side of the City Center. Once again nothing. We do some driving and Jonathan calls Grace again this time she says something about a Ministry Building. We have now been driving for an hour. We head to where we saw a Ministry Building drive up and down that road and a few others looking for a bus stop with a sign laying the blocks by numbers. (Confused yet?)Jonathan calls Grace again this time she says she will meet us at the City Center in ten minutes. We head over and go in the round-about we had been in several times already and Jonathan says “Look I see the block sign with her number.” We go around the circle again, no small feat in Kuwait. We head down the street and see a lady walking I asked Jonathan is that her he says yes, I roll down the window and call to her. She gets in the car and we go to the house where she works and visit for about 20 minutes. I took us an hour and a half to find, but only stayed for a short time. I think she was nervous with me there. She would not sit down but, insisted that we sit.We left and made it back to the house in 15 minutes.I got ready to go to VBS. I explained to the counselors how to use the tracks and most seemed excited to have something to give the children.I hung around and helped with the music then headed back home to meet Randy and Jonathan for some shawarmas (sp). Shawarmas are lamb filled flat bread across between a burrito and a gyro. They are really good. We had that and some Kuwaiti chicken.After supper we turned in for the night.
Two more days then home


Anonymous said...

Not a very exciting day was it dad, i have been enjoying your blog, i can't wait to see you on thursday.


Hypermouse said...

i would have to agree with Mike, that was a pretty dule day, sleeping in until 10:30 such a slacker. I would say that i can't wait for thrusday to get here, but that would be a lie cause i have a final that day that i am not ready for, and i need more time. Katelyn is missing you. She went all around your house Sunday calling your name "papu" (however it is spelled), but you were no where to be found, she was sad.

Well be safe, and stay on the red. don't forget you got a race to get ready for on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Just a request, all of this talk about food. Maybe just before you write about it in your blog you could warn me and say "Allie, don't read this part." My stomach would appreciate it! :)
Miss you,

Ron said...

What's wrong with you? You're lucky you didn't get shot, or arrested, or both.

Strange men in strange lands should never roam the streets looking for a woman to get in the car.

Do you know what that looked like?

Runrandall said...

Leave it to Ron for the twist.
Hey Ron I miss you too

unrunkathy said...

Thank you ron for the voice of wisdom and caution. He obviously ignores your instructions just like he ignores mine.

kweave said...

Hey, what's up with all this mission trip talk. All I've heard you talk about is eating and taking tours of the local community. I thought you were there to do something for Jesus. Lottie Moon may have a thing or two to say about this.

Be careful this last day or so. Look forward to seeing you and hearing the rest of the story.

Ron said...

I can't help but notice how many people are coming over to my side.

Seems as though your little trip is falling apart.

This comment page went from, "Randall we miss you, we love you."

To, "Yeah, I agree with Ron." and "Ron is the voice of wisdom."

Now your friends are questioning your motives. Your own son called you a slacker.

Mission accomplished, never take a knife to a gun fight and don't mess with my Rays.