Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday July 10, 2008

Slept great last night. Didn't get up until 6:30 though. I did speed work this morning 3X16oo + 1600 warmup and a 800 cool down, if you can call it a cool down. Yesterday I did an easy 5 mile run and got it on video. I hope to put it on my blog we'll see.
Just as I got cooled down and had a shower Randy called and asked me to come pick up Jonathan. I did and the trip was uneventful, sorry.
Great news I went to the TLC and spoke with Sister Bobby the Children's Minister again. I showed her the Evangelcube and tracks and she loved them. I will be teaching the counselors how to use them on Wed. She invited me to come to VBS every night and just hang out and help wherever I made be needed. She gave me a schedule and a T-shirt. They are doing SonWorld the same one we did. This is going to be great. VBS starts Sat at 4:30pm - 7:30pm and ends on Wed the same night I fly back home. My flight leaves at midninght so I will be able to stay for the closing then off to the airport.
I went to a meeting the the elders from the American Embassy Church to discuss some problems in the church. Imagine that problems in a church. I have come to the conclusion that as long as there are people in the church there is going to be problems. But that's okay because when we over come problems it makes us stronger.
The Lord has confirmed my messages for Friday. The finally conformation was the elder meeting.
I will preach from Luke 17:1-10 in all three services with an emphasis from the "Unforgiving Servant" out of Matthew 18.
That's it for now ya'll have a great day.


Ron said...

The Rays haven't won a game since you've been on foreign soil. This is all your fault, I hope you're happy.

When the footnote to this season is written and the Rays are sitting home in October, the root of their downfall will be traced back to you and the jinx put on their house.

I hope .75 cents a gallon and a warm weather retreat was worth the shame and embarrassment cast over the Tampa Bay area.

Do us all a favor, don't plan any trips come September. My Buccaneer heart can't take the pain.

Ron said...

You think I'm joking. The Rays just lost 13 to 2, to the Indians. That's 5 in a row. Get on a plane and get home before it's too late.