Friday, August 1, 2008

Videos Are Up

Well after being home for two weeks I have finally uploaded most of the videos from my Kuwait adventures. I still have one to put up that I took on a run one morning.
The video at the Fillipino Embassy shows the ladies singing and receiving the goodys we brought. To help you understand the gemtleman in a white shirt and tie is Pastor Martin. He is questions the ladies after I preached on forgiveness to see if they understood my sermon. He asked them what should they do about thier employers who have raped them, beaten them, kept their money and their passport. You don't get to hear the whole group shout at on time "forgive them." But one lady stands up and shares for the group.
We then had a sweet time to pray with each one of the maids.
We also had a great time at the Chinese Church where my battery went dead. It may not sound like sweet singing on the video but it was in that room that day.
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